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BEST ALL-AROUND WATER BOTTLE: Built to last you a lifetime, with handy accessories for travel. We’ve set ourselves apart from second-rate bottles. If you’re looking for premium, choose GOTA BOTTLE
DOUBLE WALL VACUUM INSULATED: This cleverly designed technology means your drinks will never lose their freshness again. Icy cold or piping hot; the temperature will stay for hours until you are ready to drink them!

RUBBER RING & CARABINER FOR EASY TRANSPORT: Our water bottles also come with an attachable carabiner, so you can clip your bottle to your bag and make carrying your bottle convenient.
NO MORE BITTER METAL TASTE TO YOUR WATER: food-grade stainless steel inside and out, will preserve the natural taste of your refreshments.
BUILT TO LAST: Powder coating gives the outside of our bottles a durable long-lasting finish that won’t rust or scrape off like paint. Our hope is that you’ll never again need single-use plastic bottles, that’s why we strived to create a bottle to last forever.


Color: WHITE
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