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Girls On The Avenue

Trish Melek's Journey...

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Trish Melek



GOTA (Girls on The Avenue) is an incredible team formed of Trish Melek and Pamella Lee. These two have solidified their bond as close friends throughout the years and used it as a basis to produce two successful songs, “I Come Alive” and “Alright!” “I Come Alive” was a particularly noteworthy single because it managed to go viral internationally, gaining over 150,000 Spotify plays and being popular in nightclubs. Later on that year, the pair decided to collaborate with Georgie Porgie in their new release “Alright”, which has also become a certified hit.

NOW GOTA, Trish Melek has also been building onto a stellar individual career, having performed, and released her latest 2 new singles as a solo artist "What's Going On" and "A Perrial a la Pared." Melek was born in Brooklyn, New York to a 1st-generation Italian family and raised with a Cuban Godmother, and this rich background is reflected in the flavor of American, Italian and Cuban flair which she brings to both her singles.

Having started her career in the music industry as a teenager, Trish Melek attended college, but her love for music never diminished. She toured with the best freestyle artists around the globe and in her later years teamed up with ShoeBox Records located in Long Island. As a Cancer survivor, it was very important to Trish to give back all the blessings she has received and in returned used her music for healing.

Consequently, the artist opened a Ministry called Healing Angels and collaborated with 19 global artists, as well as a very dear friend of hers- actor Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) to create a fundraiser called Classics4Cancer and donated all her proceeds. The selfless artist also runs an Orphanage in Uganda, Africa where she supports over 360 children with medical care, food, clothing, school supplies, and hygiene supplies. Promoting healing through her craft, Trish Melek remains rooted within her mantra- ‘Love has no color.’

This song inspired her to start GOTA (Girls On The Avenue) clothing line. They wanted to spread positive vibes due to all that has been happening in the world, where we need to unite as one and Come Alive again with a whole new outlook on life and in GOTA Wear..






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